Benefits of IV Nutrient Infusions

The health benefits and advantages of receiving IV Nutrient Infusions:

1. Bypass of the bowel mucosal barrier, to circumvent absorptive dysfunctions, and to deliver nutrients directly to the tissues.

2. Delivery of the necessary nutrients to the tissues in optimal proportions, concurrently and for maximal synergistic effects.

3. Restoration of the functional integrity of enzymatic pathways in chronic disorders known to result in vitamin, mineral and amino acid deficiencies.

4. Reduction or elimination of the need for drugs where feasible.

5. Protection of tissues from injury caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy or environmental toxins.

6. To expedite recovery from acute infections.

7. To provide healing tissues extra supplies of nutrients before and after surgery (which are times of increased demand).

The intravenous route of therapy, bypassing the bowel mucosal barrier, eliminates all problems of absorption. It allows expeditious delivery of these essential elements and necessary nutrients to tissues, concurrently and in the proper proportions.