About Nutrient IV Infusions

Will I feel anything during the treatment?

There are some harmless sensations that you may feel during your IV Nutrient Infusion. They’re safe, and will disappear after or during your treatment:

• Being able to taste the IV fluid, or feeling a warm sensation in your throat.

• A warm “flush” sensation in your body.

• An ache or discomfort in the arm/shoulder above the insertion site. You can relieve this by slowing the rate of flow using the green slider on the IV tube.

• Infrequently, some people experience a lightheaded or nauseated feeling which is easily remedied by slowing the rate of flow and/or snacking during the infusion. If you have any concerns about what you are feeling, please let us know – that’s what we’re here for!

It’s so relaxing that I feel like I could fall asleep. Is that okay?

• Yes! By all means. It happens all the time and we take it as a compliment. As you relax in our suite feel free to recline (buttons are on the right hand side of chair) and close your eyes if you wish. This is your time to heal!

• Since sleeping and relaxing are common activities, we’d be very grateful if you could turn off your
cell phone during treatment. Thank-you!

• We apologize, we may need to wake you to assess vitals or ask you questions.

Can I adjust the drip rate?

• The drip rate for your IV bag is preset. It is determined based on your specific IV Nutrient Infusion and
you should not adjust it unless necessary. There is a roller clamp with a green slider that you can move down
to decrease the rate. If you want to increase the rate please ask us, so we can ensure that it is safe for you.

• A heated pad can be provided to set on your arm above the insertion site for extra comfort.

Can I get up? Can I move my arm?

• Yes, but should you need to use the washroom or move around at any time during treatment please
let us know and we will assist you.

• The position of your arm can sometimes affect the rate of flow or cause it to stop dripping. Keeping your elbow straight is the best position. If your drip seems to have stopped or slowed try straightening or moving your arm slightly to see if it helps.

What about air in the line?
• Although Hollywood likes to make a big deal out of bubbles in the IV line, the truth is that it’s normal and safe!

• Don’t be concerned if your bag runs out of fluid – it’s perfectly safe for your bag to run empty. No air will enter your arm. If the fluid level in the line gets too low, blood will back up into the line from your arm. This is normal. If you like, you can roll down the green slider on your IV line to stop the flow.