Conditions that Respond Favorably for IV Nutrient Infusions

Intravenous Nutrient Infusions

IV Nutrient Infusion protocols must be chosen and administered according to the specific needs of the individual patient. Clinical benefits are carefully assessed on an ongoing basis.

• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Chronic Depression/Anxiety
• Fibromyalgia/Fibrositis
• Acute/Chronic Asthma and Urticaria
• Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis
• Acute Infections
• Ischemic Vascular Disease
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Immune Deficiency (recurrent infections, food sensitivities)
• Post Chemotherapy/Radiation Toxicity
• Adjunctive Cancer Support
• Cardiovascular Conditions such as Angina, Tachycardia, CHF
• Senile Dementia
• Various other acute and Chronic Conditions
• Trauma and Healing
• Diabetes and neuropathy

IV Nutrient Infusions can also be used for preventative health care, and as an energy enhancer.


IV Nutrient Infusions are also of value in the following specific situations:

1. Acute viral infections where commonly used antibiotics are of no significant value.
2. Altered states of bowel ecology including: multiple food allergies, malabsorptive dysfunctions, recurrent Candida, Crohn’s Disease,  colitis and parasitic infestations (entamoeba, giardia, blastocystitis etc.).
3. Asthma and incapacitating bronchospasm associated with pulmonary emphysema.
4. Auto-immune and immuno-deficiency syndromes.
5. Bacterial infections under treatment with appropriate antibiotics. The purpose here is to protect the tissues from drug toxicity.
6. Major surgery (pre and post). The purpose here is to facilitate and expedite wound healing.
7. Major chemical and/or radiation exposures.
8. Major food and inhalant allergic reaction.
9. Heavy metal toxicity.
10. Enhances absorption of nutrients to help reduce muscle rigidity, spasm and fibrositis.
11. Enhances the delivery of nutrients for increasing circulation of blood for vascular insuffciencies.
12. Enhances absorption of nutrients for the support and regeneration of the neurological system.