Stress impacts everyone. It is a mechanism designed to turn on and off vital body functions and to optimize one’s performance. This function was created to help the body redirect blood flow and energy to the organs and tissues that need them the most during times of rest or stress. In this modern era a high percentage of time is spent in the ‘fight or flight’ state, which is our reaction to a stressful situation. In today’s society it is often difficult to escape from stressors, such as money, work, relationships and health issues, and easily get locked into the ‘fight or flight’ state. Spending too much time feeling stressed drains the body of its resources, disrupts its regulatory systems and leads to symptoms of fatigue, exhaustion, indigestion, anxiety, weight gain, and other health concerns. Naturopathic Healthcare can support the body to restore its balance and return it to its nurturing regenerative state.

Therapies: Lifestyle, Clinical Nutrition, Intravenous Nutrient Infusion