Year Round

1. Cardiovascular Health Program

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in North American. Many Naturopathic Healthcare suggestions focus on lifestyle choices that are leading factors in cardiovascular disease. Heavy Metal toxicity is a major contributing factor and if the toxic metals can be identified and removed morbidity and mortality can be decreased. The usually length of this program ranges from 6 to 12 months.

2. Chronic Pain Program

Pain can occur as the result of an unlimited number different causes, with many of those causes not well addressed through conventional approaches. Prolotherapy and Neural Therapy target common causes of chronic pain and as a result can support the body to heal itself and resolve the pain.

Timeline for this program ranges from 1 to 12 months and is based on one’s lifestyle, age, degree and type of injury.

3. Detoxification Program

Today’s environment is full of toxins and when exposed to or ingested by the body they tend to be stored within one’s body often resulting in disruption and chronic disease. This program focuses on learning what the toxins are, where they are, how they impact the body and how to remove them. Detoxification, which is the removal of the toxins, is a practice that can be proactive, especially if early intervention occurs but it also can treat chronic conditions and diseases.
Timeline: Detoxification programs can range from 3 weeks to several months to ongoing regular intervention.

4. Digestive Health Program

Digestion is how the body breaks down and absorbs all of the basic building blocks necessary to sustain, regenerate and repair the body. It is also the main route of eliminations for all the toxins the body produces and absorbs from its environment. For these reasons, poor digestion is a leading cause in many chronic health conditions. Healing the gut is often the first step in any chronic illness. This program reviews the foundations of optimal health similar to the Lifestyle Program but looks at the digestive system in more depth. It includes identifying and removing food allergies or infections, replacing missing enzymes, calming inflammation, reinoculation with proper flora and regenerating injured tissues with specific nutrients and nutrient infusions.

Timeline: The usual time frame for this approach is 3 to 6 months.

5. Hormonal Health Program

As people’s life spans extend well beyond the 50’s and 60’s, hormonal challenges too can be extended as one ages. Both men and women can experience hormonal imbalances. For women a third of their life maybe spent experiencing the effects of menopause, which are often more dramatic than men’s andropause. Women’s symptoms may include a variation of the following: hot flashes; night sweats; vaginal dryness; low libido; brain fog; depression; tender breasts; water retention; irritability; weight gain; headaches; constipation; dry skin; fatigue; poor sleep; and a general state of unwellness. Men’s symptoms tend to be more subtle than women’s and result from a decrease in testosterone production and include: decreased libido; erectile dysfunction; muscle/bone loss and weight gain. Reestablishing balanced hormone levels with safe, natural remedies and/or bioidentical hormones can be the difference between experiencing daily issues with debilitating symptoms and experiencing good quality of life.

6. Integrated Cancer Program

The body is made up of trillions of cells, which communicate and cooperate, working together to keep the body healthy. Cancer cells grow too fast, become out of control, interfere with normal cell functioning and work towards destroying the body. The integrative approach to treating cancer includes understanding both conventional and natural therapies and how they work best together. Integrated Cancer Program offers key dietary education, a therapeutic supplementation plan, and an intravenous infusion therapy. The goal is to kill the cancer, minimize the side effects of conventional approaches, prevent cancer’s reoccurrence and restore one’s quality of life and extend survival.

7. Lifestyle Program

The Optimal Health Program reviews the foundations of health such as diet, exercise, stress, sleep, hobbies and other lifestyle choices. Combined with a complete health history, physical exam and necessary lab work, the program involves the creation of an individualized lifestyle program. It includes lifestyle suggestions, dietary assessment and review, methods on how to address stress and tips on improving restful sleep. It may also include physical medicine and goal specific supplementation. If other therapies are thought necessary to achieve health goals then they will be discussed and integrated into the program.

8. Mental Health Program

The Mental Health Program is an exploration into the cause of one’s mental health issues (anxiety; panic attacks; depression). Accompanied with lifestyle programs, clinical nutrition, and other modalities, a new way of experiencing the world is created. Often an integrated team approach of working with mental health specialists is necessary.

Timeline: Typical lifestyle programs are implemented in 6 weekly sessions.

9. Neuroregenerative Health Program

Neuroregeneration focuses on impeding the progressive loss of structure and function of nerves. Numerous neurodegenerative conditions respond well to therapeutic doses of disease specific nutrients. Intravenous infusions provide an optimal route of administration to influence healing.

Timeline: This program usually requires 12 months of treatment and often continued management or monitoring.
Timeline: The specific timeline for this type of treatment depends on the cancer’s and the body’s response to this therapy.

10. Weight Loss Program

Being overweight or obese is a major risk factor for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, arthritis, depression and several forms of cancer. An assessment to determine the patient’s health status is the initial step, in the event several health issues co-exist. This includes checking out metabolic abnormalities, hormonal imbalances and food allergies. This program relies on the specific results of the patient’s assessment but typically will focus on creating a health food plan (diet), exercise plan and lifestyle suggestions necessary to achieve the weight loss goal. As losing weight can create mental stress, specific strategies to assist the patient during the weight loss process will also be determined.

Timeline: This program requires 12 weeks and often much longer to lose and maintain a healthy weight.

Timeline: A 12 week initial commitment is required.


1. Natural Flu Prevention Program

There are a few basic nutritional principles that need to be followed to support a healthy immune system which enables the body to fend against colds and flues. With specific foods, herbs, and nutrients one can minimize the effects of or prevent these. To be proactive it is advantageous for the naturopathic immune boost program to commence before flu season.

Timeline: The time line for this program ranges from one week to several months.

2. Seasonal Allergy Program

During allergy season, symptoms such, runny nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes can become a nuisance and the drugs that address these symptoms often cause drowsiness and other potentially negative side effects. With Naturopathic Healthcare’s treatment approach the patient can get long lasting relief without the usual side effects experienced from certain medications.

Timeline: The treatment of allergies can occur at any time but usually treatment occurs during the season which the patient is most receptive to experiencing allergies.

3. Spring Cleanse Program

During winter the body’s mode typically shifts to rest and storage. It is naturally a time of increased weight gain and, therefore, increases the storage of environmental toxins. A spring cleanse eliminates health hazardous chemicals and lowers the body’s reactivity to many seasonal allergies. Spring cleanse also assists the body to loose fat that may have accumulated during the winter.

Timeline: A cleanse usually ranges from one to 3 weeks.