Prolotherapy is a non-surgical method that stimulates the wound repair process in injured ligaments, tendons and degenerative joints. It works by injecting nutrients that simulates the body’s natural healing ability through the release of one’s own growth factors which signal repair and regenerate.

The body’s pain sensory nerves are abundant in the ligaments and tendons and damage to these structures causes the debilitating pain that most people, who have chronic injuries, experience. If these structures don’t heal, which is common because of their poor blood supply, the surrounding muscle must contract to try to support the unstable joint. This eventually leads to additional pain and tightness in the over-worked muscles. Over-worked muscle spasms lead to accelerated joint degeneration.
If the injured structures are repaired, the joint becomes stable, the degeneration stops, the muscles relax and the chronic pain goes away. Prolotherapy repairs these injured structures.

Anyone experiencing chronic pain would benefit from regenerative Prolotherapy.

Arthritis pain
Low back pain
Leg pain
Herniated discs
Hip, knee, ankle and foot pain
Neck pain
Wrist, elbow and shoulder pain
TMJ (jaw) pain
Post injury/Trauma pain
Sports injuries
Loose joints (chronic “cracking”)
Golfer elbow/tennis elbow
Rotator cuff injuries
Post fracture treatment

The number of treatments necessary to heal the injured tissue varies per individual as age, lifestyle, nutritional status, smoking, degree of injury, age of injury all play a factor in the rate of healing. Typically, treatment takes between 6-10 sessions, which average one treatment every 3 to 6 weeks.