Chelation Therapy

Chelation Therapy is the removal of accumulated health hazardous  toxic heavy metals from the body which are often at the root cause of many chronic diseases. In the modern world we are exposed daily to relatively high levels of many poisons heavy metals including lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminum and cadmium. Depending on where you live, your occupation, and lifestyle, your body’s  toxicity levels can very. IV Chelation Therapy is administered intravenously along side various orally nutrients depending on the individuals needs. The best way to determine the body’s tissue burden is with a provoked urinary challenge test.

Removing the bio accumulated toxic metals from the body with IV Chelation has many health benefits. The Cardiovascular Systems health is one that benefits greatly from IV Chelation. Such benefits include: removing  calcium deposits, improving blood flow ,reducing lipid peroxidation, lowering blood pressure, improving insulin sensitivity, enhancing energy production, unblock enzyme pathways.

Chelation Therapy addresses what is believed to be one of the root cause of many cardiovascular, autoimmune, and  neurodegenerative diseases- toxic bio accumulation.  The bio accumulation of toxic metals is a major contributing factor in several  chronic diseases.

Chelation Therapy  is a very safe treatment and is very effective when administered properly,  and when a complete “ IV Chelation Program” is followed.

Possible Reactions:

It is possible for a patient to have temporary reactions from Chelation Therapy. None of these are serious or cause complication, but may indicate a need to change the procedure. If any of the following symptoms are to occur, report it immediately to the technician or the doctor.


  • Any cramping, numbness, tingling, discomfort or other unusual symptoms. Often a simple adjustment of the drip rate or catheter is all that in takes to reestablish comfort.


  • Mild allergic reactions: sneezing, nasal congestion, watery eyes. Rashes are rarely seen.
  • Low Blood sugar reaction (hypoglycemic) – dizzy, light head, sweating, confusion. This is easily fixed with a snack. Eat before treatments and bring snack. Example: nutrition bar
  • Fatigue, headache, nausea, loss of appetite, possibly flu like symptoms. These are usually due to internal detoxification reactions. These are understood to be the result of rapid detoxification and pose no harm. Though it is important to report them to the doctor before the next visit so that the program can be modified to suit your individual needs


To minimized risk of side effects, complication or general discomfort please read through the following;

IV Chelation Program and  Patient Instructions:

EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid) is the active chelate used in our IV Chelation Program along with sterile water and other soluble vitamins and minerals.

A Blood Sample will be needed every 5 to 10 infusions. This is done to monitor blood chemistry and organ function. This is done for your safety to assure the there if there are any stress on the body from the heavy metal remove and it is recognized  and dealt with appropriately.

Your blood pressure and vital signs will be monitored. If for any reason you are not feeling well on a treatment day let us know. As well, if you feel you are experiencing any negative side effects from  the program please let us know asap.

As the chletaing agent pulls out the toxic metals, there is also some removal of essential minerals. Therefore, every 3rd to 5th infusion there is a “IV Remineralization Infusion”  in place of the routine IV Chelation Infusion. This insures optimal mineral status and prevents undesirable symptoms such as cramps, twitches,  fatigue, and poor immune function.

There are specific oral nutrients that must be taken when when participating in our IV Chelation Program. These are mandatory  supplements as they are to insure the proper  nutrients are present to support the heavy metal detoxification  and more importantly protect the body from these highly toxic metals. Let the staff know you are running low and refills can be purchased at any time.

The follow supplements should be taken daily :

  1. NAC
  2. ALA
  3. and Trace minerals (trace minerals are not to be taken on IV chelation days)
  4. Oral DMSA- mobilizes mercury ( no trace minerals on DMSA days)

Do not stop taking any prescription without the guidance of Dr. Phillips or the prescribing medical doctor. Please advise us is your prescription dosages change.


What you can do to maximize the benefits and minimized risks.

Make sure to be well hydrated and have eaten before your infusion. A healthy protein source is best as in helps to stabilize your blood sugars during the infusion.  Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) results in feeling light headed, dizzy, agitated, tired, confusion ,etc. These symptoms are easily prevented if you do your part.  It is encouraged that you bring a protein snack with you.

Regular physical activity improves the body’s circulation and amplifies the effects of chelation. It is recommended to do a combination of aerobic and weight baring exercise. For more specific discussion on what exercise is right for you talk to Dr. Phillips.

Identify possible sources of toxic metal exposure and take the necessary steps to reduce the exposure.

Mercury: dental amalgams, larger fish/ seafood, light bulbs, pesticides and herbicides, vaccines, mining, paints, cleaning products, high fructose corn syrup, contaminated foods, etc.

Lead: gas and diesel fuels, cigarettes, lead solder, hair dyes, cosmetics, fertilizers, batteries, paint, etc . Aluminum: cookware, antacids, antiperspirants, food additives, tin foil, ASA, exhaust, etc.

The point is you have to become a detective and eliminate exposure where and when possible.

There are thousands of toxic chemicals in every cigarette. To a large degree smoking negates the therapeutic effects of chelation. Stop smoking. Ask for help.


Treatment Series:

Treatments Series are 2 times per week. They are done in series of 10. Though some patients have dramatic improvements in only a few treatments this is not the expected time from for any long term  benefit. Depending on your illness it is common to have 3 series of treatments.

Maintenance Series is important to continue the therapeutic benefit. One infusion per month helps clean out residual toxins and recent exposures.



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