Clinical Nutrition

Diet is a major contributing factor in any person’s health, wellness and healing ability. Clinical Nutrition is the use of dietary modification and high-quality professional supplements to promote healthy physiological and biochemical reactions within the body. Every structure and cell in your body is constantly breaking down and needs to be rebuilt. The body uses what you eat as building blocks to regenerate itself. There are varying opinions on proper diet and use of nutritional supplements. It is often hard to interpret all the information and know what’s best for one’s specific needs. It is very important to have a trusting relationship with an experienced, licensed professional who can assess your needs and make strategic dietary and nutrient recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

Positive clinical results are most seen in those individuals that take their nutrition seriously. Our core recommended diet is consists primarily of organic, hypoallergenic, GMO free, free range, grass feed, hormone free, wild, raw foods from mother earth. Making dietary changes to support health and healing can often be very difficult as we are creatures of habit. A new way of preparing food and eating takes time, energy and dedication to learn, but soon becomes an easy to manage one’s way of life.

Anyone, with a health condition or aspirations to live healthy and prevent disease, should have their current diet reviewed to learn what needs to occur to improve their diet and to achieve their health goals.

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