Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy is a nervous system regulating therapy. Several health conditions are a result of inappropriate communication between nerves, blood vessels and cells. Neural Therapy restores proper autonomic nervous system function and rebalances the body’s internal communication to promote healing. It is very effective in treating a wide variety of conditions using an injection technique into and around nerves, scars, muscles and pain zones. It works through healing the nervous system, improving blood flow and boosting the immune system in irritated, damaged, and sick tissues. Because of its ability to regulate the nervous system, it can have a healing effect on most conditions.

Some of the more common conditions treated with Neural Therapy include:

Chronic pain
Post-traumatic pain
Muscle spasm
Joint pain
Head, neck and back pain
Post surgical pain
Digestive health issues
Urinary tract issues
Organ dysfunctions
Scar tissues

The number of treatments varies per individual and condition. Typically, therapeutic results are achieved with in 10 treatments, which average once to twice per week. Desirable results are best achieved when integrated into a complete health program.

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