Pharmaceutical (Prescription) Drugs

Properly prescribed, administered and used Pharmaceutical drugs have proven to be very beneficial to mankind. Prescription drugs have become the primary therapy in many mainstream practices. Overuse in many instances has resulted in the resistance to certain prescribed medication not being as effective as it once was. The side effects of certain drugs also merit attention and consideration prior to use. In the province of British Columbia, Naturopathic physicians are trained and licensed in the use of prescriptions for pharmaceutical medicine similar to that of a medical doctor.

In today’s world, to have a physician who is knowledgeable about both prescription drugs and natural medicines is advantageous. This knowledge allows the holistic physician to determine what kind of therapy is best suited for the condition at any particular time or stage of illness. There are many interactions that may occur between conventional and naturopathic medicine. Some are synergistic and some are contraindicated. Having a physician who understands the benefits and risks is essential.

The need for pharmaceutical intervention is determined on an individual bases. The right therapy, at the right time, for the right patient, is determined within the context of respecting the patient’s right to choose. With the integration of naturopathic healthcare reduction of doses necessary to achieve desired therapeutic response often results, with some patients no longer having need for their prescriptions.
Note: Always consult your physician before stopping any prescription medication.[/one_half_last]

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